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Engine 1529’s Colorful History

AMORY, MS — Every year, Frisco Park plays host to tens of thousands of visitors during the Amory Railroad Festival. The park’s sole resident, locomotive Engine 1529, makes a wonderful host as it shares space with hobos, crafters, and food vendors. What Engine 1529 hasn’t shared, however, is how it ended up in Frisco Park in the first place.

Train Ride Is Good Medicine For Special Boy

AMORY, MS – Five year old Karson Stegall of New Albany proclaims, “All Aboard!” as he boards Engine 102 at the Mississippian Railway Cooperative train yard. This magical moment was the fulfillment of a very special promise his great grandmother, Janie Roberts, made to him while he was recovering from an injuries stemming from an accidental gun shot to the head. “I promised him when he got well, we would take a train ride.”

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